The Keyword Planner in WriterZen is a powerful tool that helps you discover and optimize keywords for your content. To make the process even more convenient, WriterZen allows you to import data from Excel and Text files directly into the Keyword Planner. This guide will walk you through the steps of importing these files, enabling you to leverage your existing keyword data seamlessly. 

A. Upload your file


1. To begin the process, navigate to the Keyword Planner and find the "Import Keyword" button. Then, give it a click.

2. This action will prompt a project creation modal to appear. Look for the "Import" button located below the keyword field and click on it.

3. A dialog box will be displayed. Navigate to the "Import from file" tab, where you will find the "Browse file" button.

4. Select the "Browse file" button to choose the file you want to upload. Please note that WriterZen supports text files (.txt) and Excel files (.xlsx) with a size limit of 2.0MB or smaller.

B. Uploading a Text File

Please ensure that your Text file (.txt) adheres to the correct format, with one keyword per line.

Here's an example for reference:

1. Once you have selected your file, WriterZen will automatically calculate the number of keywords within the file.

2. Click on the "Import" button to import all the keywords from your text file.

C. Uploading an Excel File

Please ensure that your Excel file (.xlsx) follows the correct format:

  • All the keywords you want to import should be in a single column.
  • The column containing the keywords should be placed on the first sheet of the Excel file.

Here's an example for reference:

1. Once you have selected your Excel file, choose the specific column from which you would like WriterZen to retrieve the data.

2. Then click on the "Import" button to proceed. 

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