Everybody knows that Google's main objective is to connect people with knowledge (answer). 

Google used to conduct keyword research on individual words or phrases, the company but now they are no longer considering those words individually. They are now evaluating sentences, paragraphs, and the query as a whole. They are evaluating the sentiment.

If we want to predict and evolve Google's algorithm, then we must always consider the changes in the algorithm from Google's point of view. The purpose of the update and the introduction of Natural Language Processing is to target what they hope to achieve.

This generation is all about users. Their search skills are better and they are much more specific about what they want to see. Furthermore, readers/searchers are more impatient, and Google must remain adaptable or improve, or else another search engine will take its place, and Google will lose its monopoly.

According to Google's blog, 15% of searches are conducted for the first time. With the rise of voice search, more and more people are using long-tail queries to search for answers to their questions.

This means that, sometimes, the algorithm does not have enough historical data to anticipate the intent behind the search term, so it is unable to fully understand what the user is looking for.

This is where an understanding of the language is crucial. And Google's NLP was created for doing this.

Now, you may wonder 'Google NLP': What it is? 

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) method is an artificial intelligence approach that allows computers to understand, interpret, and manipulate human language. Integration of Google NLP to provide suggestions for context sentiment, entities to include, and more to ensure your content will be understood by Google bots as effectively as possible. We integrate Google NLP into our platform to provide you with more valuable suggestions for selecting the best keywords, determining their quantity, and optimizing your content.

WriterZen has been developing a tool that automates many of these analyses for you. The keyword explorer (picking the right keywords), as well as Google's NLP (interpretation). In other words, what you should add to your content to make it more desirable and seductive than other pages.

- To get a better visual understanding of this (Google's NLP) feature, check out our short video here: 

Google NLP feature 

To provide our users with the highest quality of analysis, WriterZen also utilizes three elements during each scan, and for that reason, we charge three Google NLP per article. You can view further details here: Why Google NLP is not free 

- Using NLP, you can compare topics that you covered in your content with content created by your competitors. In general, you can use it to check if you have missed anything or if you should add supporting content to the main topic. In the end, do not get caught up in the tools. When your content is complete, take a few steps back and determine whether it makes sense. Search engines will never purchase anything from you, users will. -> Be sure to satisfy your users.

However, please keep in mind that Google's NLP is not the only factor that matters.

When it comes to SEO, first responders and those who adapt quickly to the changing landscape of the industry are the ones who benefit the most. Considering that, NLP has to be worth exploring since your competitors may not have adopted it already, giving you an advantage.

This feature was created as an optional feature so you could purchase it as required by your work. If you're interested in Google NLP analysis, we have already launched it, and the price is one-time and non-recurring for Google NLP as well. Please click here to view our plan offerings: Writerzen Pricing

- At the moment, Google API supports only three languages: English, Japanese, and Spanish. You will be notified when these languages are upgraded.

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