We use Google's API to scan through all of the top 20 web pages ranking for the keyword your competitors try to rank for. To extract that data, and analyze the results to provide you with optimal suggestions, we will need Google Database, and the cost for each scan requires three AI credits: Entity, Salience, and Entity Level Sentiment, as followed: 

1. Entity: a term or phrase used to represent an object that is capable of being identified, classified, and categorized. It is different from a keyword and is recognized by Google NLP, not as a keyword.

- Object examples include:


consumer goods




- An NLP's task is to identify and evaluate these entities within the content.  

2. Salience: we will calculate a salience score for each entity.

- The salience shows the importance or centrality of an entity in the entire document text range from 0 (least salient) to 1 (highly salient). Generally, the higher the number, the more significant the entity is to the text as a whole.

3. Entity Level Sentiment:  

- Sentiments are divided into sections according to their sentiments, either positive or negative. 

- It is important to review the featured snippet for any given keyword; either Google is ranking positive or negative results. 

- Businesses use this to analyze customer feedback on their websites; whether it is positive or negative. You can also incorporate a neutral sentiment as to whether your website provides knowledge, such as general information. 

For example: 

- With 60 AI credits, you can create and run Google's NLP to scan up to 20 articles. 

- To learn more about what it can do, please watch this short video: 

Google NLP feature 

WriterZen offers a lower price compared to the market, and this feature is an option that you can choose to purchase whenever your work requires it. Since this is a cost-incurring function from our end, we need to charge it back to our customers under a one-time, non-recurring, non-expiring aspect, so our customers may decide to use it or not. 


The use of NLP allows you to access highly customized data about consumers that help you tailor your content to the appropriate audience. 

- Have you considered this? Please view our offer price here: Writerzen Pricing if you like to add this feature to your content part.