What is Keyword Importer?

The Keyword Importer tool is a supporting tool used to assist the Keyword Explorer tool. It is used to either import specific keywords and keyword lists from your collection or save keyword list banks from your previous Keyword Explorer search. Popular use cases include:

  • To find insights for selected Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) keywords.

  • To understand the popularity of your chosen Golden keyword in a particular demographic.

  • To cluster and compare the competition of your chosen Golden keyword to leading articles online.

  • To thoroughly optimize your content for SERP using your desired list of Golden keywords

How does it work?

WriterZen Tutorials Series: Keyword Importer 

You can select the Keyword Importer tool from the WriterZen home screen using the tool hub on the left. This will take you to the home page of the tool where you can set up a new search using the Import Keyword prompt. This will take you to the home screen of the tool where you can set your preference from over 46 different languages and run your search in a multitude of demographics.

To set up a search, start by naming your new project. You can then choose to either adopt keywords from an existing list, import keywords using specific file extensions from your device, or even type the keywords into the search field. A single search is limited to 3000 keywords where each line (separated by paragraph spacing) represents a single keyword to the tool. This is to allow searches for both long and short-tail keywords. 

The search will take you to the results page where you can start analyzing the output in a few moments. Similar to the Keyword Explorer, the search results are generated using our algorithm that crawls through the highest-ranked Google search results from both the Google Keyword Planner and Google Keyword Suggest databases to find keyword data that is most relevant to your seed.

Understanding the results page

The results page includes two tabs that separate the results into either Keyword Data” or “Clusters.

The Keyword Data tab displays information about your search similar to the Keyword Explorer. This information can be sorted using a range of filters:

  • Include” to search for your seed combined with another keyword.

  • Exclude” to remove certain words combined with your seed that you don’t want.

  • Volume to set a range for the number of hits for the seed you want to be displayed on the screen.

  • Length to adjust the character limit of the keyword displayed.

  • Cost Per Click (CPC) to show how much a keyword is worth in fiat currency based on the likelihood that a user will click on a website or article that contains the keyword.

  • All-in-title to return string-sensitive results.

The Clusters tab represents the relevance of the selected with other keywords that have a similar rank. These lists are generated based on the KGR-optimized keywords that you have already generated from the Keyword Explorer search. Further insight can be gathered about individual elements using the Show ideas prompt at the end of each cluster.


You can set up a search for selected keywords by filtering your search results from Keyword Explorer by Keyword Golden Score. The filtered Golden keywords can be added to a named list which can then be accessed through the Keyword Importer to run a more targeted search. This can also be done directly using your list of keywords. The end objective is to find targeted SEO insights to support your KILLER content!

To learn more about the other tools and features, check out this tutorial series.