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Golden Score - is 1.0 best or 1.618 best for ranking


There is a conflict of education between what is posted on the Golden Score tab "By Potential Value" and the 2022 training video.  In the tab "By Potential Value", it says that 1.0 is the "highest score" and that 1.618 is the "recommended limit".  On the opposing side, the training video, it states that, if it's available, 1.618 is the "best" and is in the candyland section, which is the most desired result.

So, it's not clear if there's a mistake in the video of the term "best" or if there's a different meaning for the "highest score" used in the tab's informational statement.

Please explain (or provide a URL of training) that teaches us the difference between reaching toward the Golden Score of 1.0 and what we're doing if we used keywords closer to the 1.618 score.

And, I realize the goal may differ between well established domains that have a higher DA vs those that are lower and just starting out.

Many of use need clarification.  The recent update training videos are extremely well presented and my compliments to all that were involved.  It's excellent for those of us that have not grown up with WriterZen and who are new to it within that last few months.  The original ones from a year or two ago were great for the overall concept.


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