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golden score sorting

Hi, the golden score sorting seems to be buggy, can you please check this.
Seems the sorting via the icon in the tabel header is not working.


Hi Lars,

Thanks for reaching out.

Let us check and get back to you shortly. 

Hi Lars,

Upon checking, there's no issue about this button. I believe that you should change the scale of your screen. 

I am experiencing the same issue.  Regarding screen scaling, that is not the problem, at least in my case.  In all standard apps, clicking on the column header item for ascending or descending, should sort all returned records.  I am only recently starting to use the WriterZen service and noticed this stood out like a sore thumb.  I've been in IT for 4 decades, and 75% of that has been in consulting and management.  This is a bug, period.

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