Welcome you to WriterZen Workspace. This is your very own work area inside WriterZen. From here you can invite and manage your team members, and you can also join other workspaces.

There are 3 main areas to explore inside each workspace:

  • Seats & Members

  • Limits & Usage 

  • Billing (accessible for Workspace owner)

1. Seats & Members 

There are a few metrics you need to be aware of on the screen: 

  • Name & Images set up: for easier management, the workspace owner can edit by tapping the present Workspace name & image.

  • Total seats: The total number of seats in your workspace (Including the workspace owner’s)

  • Available seatsThe number of empty seats  

  • Removed seats: The number of seats scheduled to be removed in the next billing cycle

  • Members: The number of members who joined the workspace (Including the workspace owner)

  • Pending invites: The total number of invited people who have not yet joined the workspace

Below is a complete list of members (with email addresses and latest activity times), as well as open seats in the workplace.

2. Permissions; Limit & Usage

- Only workspace owners are able to modify account, team and billing settings. Other members can view this space, with no ability to edit.

- In this version, all content created in the workspace is visible/editable for all members. When you invite a team member to your workspace, they can see/ edit all the content in it. 

- All the limits that members burn in a workspace are counted on the owner's limits, which will be shown in the Limit & Usage tab. 

- About WriterZen limits and credits explained, you can check here for more details.

- Member seats: The second table on the right enables the account owners to actively control the number of seats & members, thus having clarification in each billing cycle.  

3. How to buy more seats

- We manage team members in WriterZen by the seat. Follow the rule: "Have available seats, then invite members" to ensure that you can manage the number of members efficiently and keep on track with monthly invoicing.

- To buy more seats, visit the Seats & Member tab, then click "Buy extra seats" and enter the number of seats required.

- Available member seats in each plan: The number of available seats will vary depending on your chosen plan. You can view our pricing page for details. The workspace owner can buy extra seats if needed.

- Pricing per extra seat

  • $23.00/seat/month if billed monthly
  • $19.00/seat/month if billed annually

4. How to add team members

- Simply enter your members’ WriterZen email addresses to invite them to the workspace. 

- Your members will get an email inviting them to join. When accepting this invitation, they will be added to your workspace.

- If someone misses the invitation, you can resend it via clicking the Ellipsis icon (…) next to their name to resend the invitation to the member's email.


5. Remove team member/ Leave workspace

*As the workspace owner: 

- You can remove members by clicking the Ellipsis icon (…) next to their name and remove member.

- About all tasks this member owns, the workspace owner can transfer them to any members in the workspace.

- Additionally, you can’t leave your own workspace. 

*As a member:

- You can leave the workspace by clicking ‘Leave This Workspace’ on the Seats & Member tab.

- All tasks you own will be transferred to the workspace owner.

6. Remove seats

- If the number of seats exceeds your team’s demand, you can always remove unused seats. To do that, click the Ellipsis icon (…) in line with the seat you want to remove and then Remove Seat.

- The action will take effect in the next billing cycle and you can always reactivate this seat before the end of current billing cycle.

- Please bear in mind that unassigned seats are subject to deletion. If the seat is allocated to someone, you must first remove the member before removing the seat.

Note: The available seats in all LTD & Subscription Plans aren’t allowed to be removed. Only add-on seats are able to be removed.

That covers managing your workspace. Have a play around and familiarize yourself with these features. It will help you manage your team seamlessly. 

Ready for the next step: Collaborate efficiently in both internal & external teams? Check out the second user guide here!