“Will it affect my keyword research/topic discovery function?”

“What about the quality of the generated result?”
Let us clear all your doubts !!!

What is Ahrefs data and what is its function in the WriterZen tool? 
  • Ahrefs data is mainly used for analyzing a website’s link profile, keyword rankings, and SEO health. You can also use it for Google keyword research (as stated by Ahrefs).
  • Rest assured that other features in the Keyword Explorer tool will remain the same, and the keyword data is pulled directly from Google API, so the result won’t be affected. Please note that the top 10 ranking sites section (top left on the SERP overview) will not be removed!
Then where are the results generated from? 
  • The data list contains keywords pulled directly from Google Keyword Planner and Google Keyword Suggest. Do rest assured that the quality of your keyword research won’t be affected. In other words, all functions are working as before.
The Ahrefs data is no longer available for two specific reasons:
  • These data are not entirely practical in generating article ideas for SEO users
  • Ahrefs no longer gives us access to their API!
What's the next step? 

WriterZen is a content SEO tool that provides you with a complete workflow for the content creation process!
We will update the Keyword Explorer tool with more content-oriented data that will directly impact your created content soon! Please stay tuned for our following announcement! 

Please submit a ticket at support@writerzen.net if you would like further assistance or clarification regarding our decision! If not, stay tuned for the next update.