" Wildcard" is a feature in Keyword Explorer that allows users to find new terms that they are unfamiliar with. When it is unclear what the keyword is that has to be searched for, users can search similarly with the "seed" term they enter.

Please read the instructions below carefully to get the most out of this function.

When the user types in a keyword that includes at least one asterisk (*). Then this (*) symbol substitutes any word (phrase). The algorithm will then provide particular keywords that have the same structure as the original seed keyword, replacing the asterisk (*) with specific words (and related terms) that may be searched in the same field.


For example, if I input the term "how to * a car", the image below will be displayed as the result.

Four categories of total search volume will be shown in the Keyword Data table.

  •  Total: The "total" report compiles all of these reports into a single document, containing all keyword suggestions discovered. 
  •  Exact match: List all keyword suggestions that contain exact match mentions of your "seed" keywords in the order they were written.
  • Almost match: These are all keyword phrases that include your "seed" keywords, but with more information than the original structure.
  • Similar: Display all relevant keywords searched by users who also searched for the primary query, but which may or may not have the same structure as the original seed keyword.

To learn more, you can watch our short video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZK-Bn3Fb_Q

For further assistance, please submit a ticket at support@writerzen.net, our customer experience team remains available if any question arise.