Writerzen Lifetime may have appeared on the Appsumo page, been discussed in the comments, but you have no idea what anyone is talking about. 

So you wonder if we offer an account for your to test, simply register your email account on Writerzen to test our tool for a specific period. (7 days in total)

The freebie was not purchased so there is no need to be concerned about your credit being exhausted. We recommend you test the tool and if you do not plan on using it, you can share it with someone in your network if they're looking for it. 

Even though your account is exactly that, free, it still has an expiration date, as do all of our other offerings. In the event you fail to take advantage of a freebie before it expires, it will no longer be available. 

Below are some clarifications on your free-trial account: 

You can sign up for a free trial account here

- The "full view" function will not appear in the SERP view of Step 1 (Content Creator). 

- Furthermore, you will have no keywords or NLP credits available, so you cannot utilize the Golden filter or Keyword Cluster. However, you can see our sample case and test around the tool. 

- The "Bullet to Paragraph" template of AI Assistant (Content Creator Step 3) cannot be used.

- Do not have NLP credits. 

For LTD accounts:

- The "full view" function will not appear in the SERP view of Step 1 (Content Creator). 

- Do not have NLP credits. 

For more information on our pricing page, please visit this link.

You can also contact our support team at support@writerzen.net