Following repeated requests from our clients, we thought it was high time we wrote an article about Google restrictions. If you have experienced any difficulties receiving the results recently, we apologize for the inconvenience.

For some keywords, you are not receiving any search volume either through data from Writerzen. Why is this the case? Why are you not seeing any results?

In Google's Advertising Policy Help, they provide detailed information on what constitutes illegal, tricky, vague, or adult content, products, or services. However, there are many obvious restrictions that you should be aware of such as


Content for adults;

Fake products;

Political material, etc.

It is also important to know about a few not-so-obvious fields or details.

Since we are receiving our data directly from Google, we would like to clarify our information. There are different regulations in different countries, and we assume that Google does not want to become involved in any legal problems. This is why they do not display advertisements for Airsoft, paintball, and other guns. However, we have found something interesting.

Another keyword that one of our clients was looking for was a bitcoin wallet. As a result of the task, no search volume results were returned because not all of the bitcoin, satoshi, and other cryptocurrency offerings are searchable. 


All digital currencies suffer from the problem that there are various fraudulent activities and schemes associated with them. People may be scammed out of their money by unfair and tricky individuals or agencies. This may explain why Google does not display any results or search volumes for these terms. 

However, we get a solution for you:

- If you add a few more keywords, or try another keyword, you will be able to see the results regardless of Google's Database Policies in addition to seeing the search volume.

There can be times when it is unclear why you can receive search volume for some keywords, but not for others. Aside from drugs, weapons, and adult content, you can also encounter problems with a detox diet, forex, cryptocurrencies, etc. You should be aware that Google may restrict the usage of certain keywords if they think that a keyword is questionable.

- Hope this information can help. For human support, please don't hesitate to email us at