This is the workflow that WriterZen recommend, and you can always see our recommended workflow right on our dashboard!

The Topic Discovery tool provides you with ideas on how to write content, from your seed keywords and recommending topic ideas that you have difficulty writing about - you can use this insight to create pillar pages and subtopics for your content strategy. These topics should be selected manually (since it depends on your audience, products, the way you target and the end-goal), and then added to your keyword list or saved in a notepad for future articles.

If you have collected a list of keywords or topics for your article, you can use our "Keyword Explorer" or "Keyword Importer" to check the All-in-title and Golden Filter, which will help you decide which keywords are most important. This tool gives you the ability to group keywords that you can rank together (similar to your content bones) by clicking on keyword clusters.

The final step is the "Content Creator" tool, where you can analyze your competitors' outlines and strategies to optimize your content. Furthermore, the tool suggests some keywords that you should include in your content to get a higher ranking. By utilizing Google NLP analysis, you can provide Google's bot with a clear understanding of your content and you can review your uniqueness later via our plagiarism checker tool. AI also helps you to expand your ideas if you're not in the mood of producing content as well. 

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