Since the two features have different uses and purposes, the answer will depend on the content strategy you are implementing. However, we believe some strategies are more beneficial than others. 

-> WriterZen suggests that you should run All-in-title first (enable Golden Filter) and then cluster keywords, please see our explanation as follows:

1. Doing so may help to save more keyword credits for your later use.

2. To get the best results for your content, you should identify the golden keywords and then cluster them.

3. In general, it is more beneficial to have a large number of relevant, long-tail keywords (and to be able to filter out irrelevant keywords and then cluster them there - thanks to Keyword Importer) rather than a few targeted keywords or irrelevant keywords. 

There is no right or wrong way to do SEO; as long as it can support your work, you can use any WriterZen feature that will help. For example, our new features, Revenue Forecast and Golden Filter (a greater update from the old KGR) form a picture of your financial strategy and are better at finding your potential keywords with low all-in-title. 

In the end, adding keywords to your content should be natural and useful to both the reader and search engines. To build your workflow as simple as possible and to become an expert in Google's eyes, you need to create the best content for your target audience and follow the right things from the beginning. 

- WriterZen can assist you with that. If you need further support, please contact us at