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Please double-check how you guys are doing the allintitle search. I believe you are using incorrect quotes. Please refer to this article written by the creator of KGR himself and in this part in particular.

"You type in allintitle: and the search phrase with no spaces and no quotes. Don’t enter the quotes because that will lower the number of results which will throw off your calculations."

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We use the “search term” to force an exact-match search. By using this, we can refine results for ambiguous searches, or exclude synonyms when searching for single words.


  • If we use the operator allintitle: "best electric shaver for white men to get the allintitle result -> will show results containing all of the exact terms “best electric shaver for white men”.

  • If you use the operator allintitle: best electric shaver for white men to get the result -> will show results containing best” and “electric“ and “shaver” and “for” and “white” and “man”.

  • So if you don’t use the quotes -> the result of allintitle: best electric shaver for white men and allintitle: best electric shaver for white men will be the same -> this will not make sense because 2 search terms have different meanings.

Result of allintitle: best electric shaver for white men

Result of allintitle: best white electric shaver for men

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