Why 1 keyword has different stats in 2 reports:

- Because of the "report creation time".

- When you search on Google, the SERP result depends on many factors (your search intent, the history of your searches, Google cache, etc.) so the All-in-title and SERPs result at two different times are different (we also utilize All-in-title in our Golden Filter - updated KGR).

Example about All-in-title:

- At 9:00, the Allintitle result for "What is the best dog food in Walmart" has 5 posts about it, so the Allintitle score is 5, and the SERP results have 5 sites.

- At 9:01, Walmart.com has published one more post on that keyword, so the All-in-title score is now 6, and the SERPs result has 6 sites. 

Example about SERPs:

+ At 9:00, The first ten sites on SERPs are ( A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J ) and the 11th site is K

+ At 9:01, The "K" receives some things that make google think K is better than J, so the SERPs now is ( A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - K )

Some tools in the market right now cache your keyword data a few days ( or a few weeks) to optimize the loading speed. WriterZen doesn't do that, every single query, we will get the latest data we could to maximize the accuracy.

Here is the video: 

- shows there is a difference between two searches (same keyword) in just a few seconds. In the first search, All-in-title is 21 and in the second search, All-in-title is 155. 

So the best way we could do is to simulate the search query and show what Google gives back to us.

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