What is Plagiarism Checker?

The Plagiarism Checker tool is used to check and verify the uniqueness of your created content. It is a supporting tool to the 3 major content creation tools that assist with fine-tuning and curating your text body. This is achieved by running your content search across large volumes of existing data and online databanks to find degrees of overlap. Popular use cases include:

  • To verify the integrity of your content, including articles, blogs, papers, etc.

  • To ensure that the created content is sufficiently original.

  • To avoid annoying text duplications that can jeopardize your audience's imagination.

How does it work?

You can select the Plagiarism Checker tool from the WriterZen home screen using the tool hub on the left. This will take you to the home page of the tool where you can set up a new search using the + New project prompt.

The first page of the tool is similar in concept to any generic plagiarism tool for the sake of simplicity. This will display a section where you can copy and paste your required text body. The default word limit for a single search is 1000 words and the "Daily Word Count" limit depends on your subscription plan, which will be reimbursed every day.

Once the search is set up, you can choose the language of your choice to derive accurate results within that particular demographic. Like all the other tools, the Plagiarism Checker allows you to select this preference from over 45 different languages and run your search in a multitude of demographics.

The tool will then display the results of the search in a few minutes. The results page returns all the possible overlaps of your content with existing articles - ranging from top URLs of Google SERP to even the lesser-known ones - with perfect accuracy. The algorithm crawls the headings, descriptions, meta descriptions, and text body of each of these articles to find overlapping strings, then returns a weighted percentage based on the total number of words that have overlapped with existing texts.

Understanding the results page

We check your content by sentence basis through Google Web Database. The results don't reflect some specific cases (idioms, famous quotes, etc...)

The results page is convenient and easy to analyze:

  • The total degree of plagiarism is represented as a percentage over the text body. (3% in the sample case above)

  • The places, lines, words, or phrases where these overlaps have occurred are highlighted.

  • Each URL where you can find this overlap is represented in the form of a list in the order of your text flow.

  • The corresponding text from the plagiarized page is also highlighted on the same screen for convenience.


The Plagiarism Checker tool can be used in conjunction with the Content Creator tool to properly support your workflow. Once content has been generated and optimized, it is important to verify, properly, the validity of the content across the sea of blogs and articles on the internet. Not only does this help cement your certitude as a creator, but it also helps justify all the effort you had put into creating your KILLER masterpiece!

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