What is the Content Creator Tool?

The main purpose of the Content Creator tool is to generate a complete and coherent piece of content that is optimized for traffic and search engine results pages. This is achieved by comparing various analytics about your competition and the kind of content they’ve put out over time to your topic of choice. Popular use cases include:

  • To generate a suitable outline for your content.

  • To properly structure your content using SERP-optimized data.

  • To craft a rich text using real-time suggestions and a user-friendly text editor.

  • To thoroughly vet your content using powerful metrics and scores.

How does it work?

1. Overview of the tool

WriterZen Tutorials Series: Content Creator - Overview

You can select the Content Creator tool either using the + New content prompt from the WriterZen home screen or from the tool hub on the left. This will take you to the home page of the tool where you can set your preference from over 46 different languages and run your search in a multitude of demographics.

Simply set up a new field using New project to get started. The tool optimizes your whole content by pooling related information from the top 20 URLs. For instance, when trying to write a blog about gardening tools, you would run that seed on the Content Creator to uncover the top 20 websites that feature that seed on high-ranking titles. The major takeaway from this tool, hence, is the way in which it allows content to be structured.

The opening page displays a set of details that you are required to fill in. The Writer’s NamePriority, and Deadline tabs are useful when writing an article that is part of a larger team project. The Notes section is useful both for the writer themself to keep track of key points and for the assigning manager to provide information for the writer to read. The priority level of a particular article can be set between High”, Medium and Low to allocate time properly, and the Article Keyword” tab is used as a personal metric to quickly gauge the keywords used in a particular article from the dashboard or Article list.

2. Understanding the results page

The results page displays the brass tacks of the Content Creator and is divided into three main windows - Outline to use”, “Keywords to include and Content writing.

Step 1: Outline to use

WriterZen Tutorials Series: Content Creator - Outline Builder

This window displays a slew of Competitive Analysis. The percentage displayed at the top left here will be your baseline metric. It represents how many articles using your seed are displayed on the first results page for a Google search in your region. It also shows analytics for how recently each article was updated in Last Updated, the total number of words in Word Count, and how well it has performed or if WriterZen recommends using the keyword in terms of traffic in Recommended.

You can also scroll down to find additional insights for your seed using Google Suggest Insights sorted by highest to lowest Relevance which represents how closely related the actual result is to your seed.

The right side of the screen contains the actual outline builder that you can use to organize your article. Hover over any element from the insight results to highlight it. Click on it to select and again to deselect. A selected element becomes part of your outline as a Header. These headers become the backbone of your whole article. You can flesh out the article even more by inserting a Title and a Description, which will serve as the meta-description of your article.

Step 2: Keywords to include

WriterZen Tutorials Series: Content Creator - Keyword To Include

By clicking on this window, you can move on to the keyword organization section of your workflow. This window is specifically meant to optimize your writing for the search engine results page by suggesting the top keywords relevant to your seed. The left side of the screen will have keywords chosen to be “headers” from the last page. You can decide the best keywords by looking at the total number of uses and how many times it has appeared in a headline. Ideally, the higher these values, the better.

The left side of your screen shows a list of keywords that are recommended for you to use. Competitors' keywords display keywords used by competitors separated by General usageVolume” and Relevance”. The Opportunities keyword tab works in exactly the same way but shows you potential keywords that are relevant to your seed instead of keywords that are already in use by competitors.

Step 3: Content Writing

WriterZen Tutorials Series: Content Creator - Content Writing

This is the final window in this tool where you can use everything about your article structure that you’ve set so far as a proper format for your text body. You can simply click on the Copy to Editor prompt to view your content structure on the text editor and start filling it in. The most crucial part of this page is the rank of your article displayed on the right side. This score is derived majorly from your configuration in the “Outline” and “Keywords to include” section, and partly from the Content Creator’s internal algorithm. You can also use the Show analysis drop-down to view specific changes that the tool recommends you make and some ways you can fix the content score.


The Content Creator can be used to properly plan out the content flow for your article. You can choose high-ranking headers from a list of keywords related to your seed, import your own keywords, set required parameters, and start cooking up some KILLER content! 

For more details on the Content Creator tool and other tools, check out this tutorial series.