Why choose WriterZen?

WriterZen brings the combined utility of several different contents creating and optimizing tools into a single platform. Right off the bat, you can save the several hundred dollars that you would’ve spent on all those separate apps by choosing WriterZen!

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Moreover, we offer a host of use cases for all types of content creators – independent authors and bloggers, professional writers, and even students just looking to spice up their writing.

To make matters simpler, here are the two main goals of WriterZen:

  1. To integrate unique content solutions with a seamless workflow to offer a smoother content creation experience.

  2. To continuously cater to the changing climate of the market by offering routine customer support, progressive updates, and feature additions/upgrades.

How WriterZen optimizes content workflow

To properly get into the nitty-gritty of it, we must first look at what a general content creation flow looks like:

  1. The writer discovers/is assigned a topic.

  2. The writer searches the web to find articles/information relevant to the topic.

  3. The writer tries to structure their content around a high-ranking competitor article.

  4. The writer spends countless hours searching for the perfect keywords.

  5. The writer spends a few more hours filling in and rechecking the content.

  6. The writer finds their article on the 27th page of Google search results and is disappointed by the lack of organic traffic onto their content.

Obviously, this method is tried, tested, and absolutely flawed. So, let’s tweak it a little bit - WriterZen style!

  1. The writer logs into WriterZen

  2. The writer runs their basic keyword idea into the Keyword Explorer to generate Golden allintitle keyword clusters within seconds.

  3. The writer runs a second search in the Topic Discovery to generate high-volume, low-competition heading/topic ideas for their seed (selected keyword).

  4. The writer transfers their findings into Content Creator to automatically generate a content outline and completes the writing process using the in-build text editor.

  5. The writer uses the Plagiarism Checker and Keyword Importer to fine-tune their content.
    Plagiarism Checker: to verify the uniqueness of your created content.
    Keyword Importer: to check All-in-title and cluster for your desired keyword list.

  6. The writer is happy to find his/her content in the top pages of Google search results.

As you can tell, the same 6 steps to even start writing content that would take the average writer many hours is accomplished in just a few minutes using WriterZen!

To learn more about the various tools and features involved in this process, click on one of the support links down below.

Getting Started

Optimal Workflow with WriterZen

The future of WriterZen

The main objective of WriterZen is, was, and always will be to simplify your content writing process to its bare bones. Your content writing problems are our problems, and we strive to deliver only the best services.

WriterZen 1st Webinar: Product Roadmap

The product roadmap for WriterZen has numerous exciting features and updates already in store. But we could’ve never even achieved what we have already without you. The future of WriterZen is in your hands as much as it is ours and we look forward to helping you create KILLER content, always!

- For inquiries not addressed here, please contact our support team at support@writerzen.net.