What is WriterZen?

WriterZen is a prime example of a content optimization platform that offers a seamlessly effective workflow. It is your one-stop destination for everything you need to create KILLER content!

The key aspects of our content workflow revolve around content researchplanning, and execution. This workflow is accomplished using 5 intricate tools:

Topic Discovery: to discover exciting, high-ranking titles for your content.

Keyword Explorer: to find Golden keywords related to your content.

Keyword Importer: to check All-in-title and cluster for your desired keyword list. 

Content Creator: to combine elements from previous tools to structure and construct your content.

Plagiarism Checker: to verify the uniqueness of your created content.

Getting to know WriterZen

When you access the WriterZen website, you’ll be exposed to an interactive home screen that outlines all the basic functions of each tool. You can get into more detail about each tool by clicking on the “Get to know more” icon.

From the same page, you can also access more information about the three main tools from the ‘Products’ tab, learn about different plans using the ‘Pricing’ tab, learn more about the team from the ‘About’ tab, and sign-up to become an affiliate from the ‘Affiliate’ tab.

As you scroll lower into the page, you’ll find a few examples of what other people loved best about their WriterZen experience, followed by a chance to keep up with our latest news by subscribing to our mail system.

The WriterZen workflow

Now that we’re all set up with the home page and are ready to create KILLER content, let’s take a closer look at how the tool simplifies content workflow:

The ‘Research’ phase is comprised of two main objectives that are met by two major tools:

  1. Keyword research: This involves finding high-volume, low-competition keywords (also called Golden keywords) for your input/search keyword (also called the seed) using the Keyword Explorer tool. This reveals allintitle and NLP- optimized keywords in the form of related groups called ‘Clusters’. The keyword data from these clusters can be interpreted using various metrics (check the Keyword Explorer support to learn more).

  2. Ideation: This is the process of finding headlines/topic ideas for your content using the Topic Discovery tool. The ideation process relies heavily on keyword insights such as ‘Relevancy’, ‘Search Volume, and more (check the Topic Discovery support to learn more).

The Planning' phase is also comprised of two objectives:

  1. Content Layout: Using the Outline Builder tab of the Content Creator tool, you can carefully plan out the structure of your content and how you’d like the overall format of your article to look.

  2. Categorize Keyword List: Using the Keywords To Include tab of the Content Creator tool, you can decide and choose the required type, number, and frequency of keywords to use in your article.

The ‘Execution’ phase finalizes the content and fine-tunes nuances:

  1. Content Generation: The text editor on the Content Creator tool allows you to use the outline you’ve built so far to complete the content creation.

  2. Content Grader: The generated content is scored based on the fulfillment of your outline and how to compare to similar articles using the built-in content grader feature on the Content Creator tool.

To learn more details about any of these tools or their related metrics, let's explore each section related to our 5 effective tools!

- For further reference, watch our first online webinar to have a better view of the General Workflow with WriterZen!