1. A keyword lookup refers to the number of keywords you can search in 24 hours. Each day, you will be reimbursed for the value that varies based on the plan you've chosen.

The function is similar to that of the Topic Look Up and Plagiarism Checker.

2. Keyword Explorer uses a credit system, especially for the All-in-title feature. The credit system depends on the plan you choose, and your keyword credit will be replenished every month on the day that you purchased your plan. All-in-title searches cost one credit each, which is limited to 100,000 credits per month, and thus, 100,000 words per month (depends on your plan). It works similarly to the Cluster function.

_Reimbursements for every new billing period are determined by credit usage. You can increase this limit either by using our new update for in-app purchases (recommended) or by purchasing a different plan from a different account.

3. Our pricing now includes a one-time, non-recurring credit. If you want more credit for your work, please check out the package. Extra keyword credits are one-time-use, so there is no expiration date. You can buy them whenever necessary and use them whenever you need them. See our updated pricing page at  https://writerzen.net/pricing 

- If you need further support, please contact us at support@writerzen.net