Dear value customers, 

Honesty be told, we are aware that the tool itself is a bit complicated at the moment, and an explanation of how credits are used would have been helpful. Then you have come to the right place if you belong to this confusion.  

1. Keyword lookups per day:

Our keyword research tool requires that you enter a seed keyword, along with the location and language of your search. The number of keyword searches per day is the number of searches conducted per 24 hours, and they are reset daily.

2. Content briefs per month:

Content briefs are similar to content articles and are used in our content creator tool. The number of articles that can be created per month (no limitations on the length of the articles).

3. Topic lookups per day:

- These credits are used for the topic research tool, which performs a new topic search every 24 hours, so your credits will be refreshed every day.

4. Words checked per day:

- This is for our plagiarism checker, and it checks for plagiarism every 24 hours.

5. Keyword credits per month:

These credits are used for keyword research data once the golden filter and auto clustering functions are enabled. Before running the task, you will receive a notification detailing how many credits will be used.

6. AI writing words per month:

- You can use these credits for our AI Assistant, and this limit will be applied to your output result, which you can view from your AI history.

7. Keywords per import:

It performs the same function as the Keyword Explorer tool; however, the Keyword Importer tool has been designed to work with a list of keywords that you provide. Thus, once you import your list into the tool, there will be a limit on each import, which will vary based on your chosen plan.

8. Word limit per check:

The limit is used in our plagiarism checker tool, and it represents the number of words that can be checked.

9. keywords list:

This list is where you keep your ideas or keywords, and it works much like a notepad. There will be no recurring limit on your keyword lists, so once you've finished with a list, you can delete it and use it for the next save.

10. Our pricing now includes a one-time, non-recurring credit. If you want more credit for your work, please check out the package. Extra keyword credits are one-time-use, so there is no expiration date. You can buy them whenever necessary and use them whenever you need them. See our updated pricing page at 

- If you need further support, please contact us at