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export keyword list from content creator

When using the content creator we are given a keyword list to use. I know of an AI tool that allows people to insert keywords and it'll insert them into the article.

I have a feeling other AI writers will have this feature soon if they don't already have it. 

Being able to export or download the keywords from Writerzen is much more user friendly than having to copy and paste them, or type them. 

Alternate solution:

Allow Writerzen's AI writer to use the keywords in the list. 

Should I list the alternate soluation as a different feature request?

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HI Adrian,

Thanks for your valuable feedback

At this moment, we haven't planned to add this feature yet.

For feature requests, if you don't mind, please add your idea to our Community Group - so that our developers and production team can review it once they've finished their priority tasks.


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